review: shambles – primitive death trance

ShamblesPrimitive Death Trance. Blood Harvest.
Release date: 30 December 2017 (digital + cd) & 16 February (vinyl).

Shambles has been around for a long time. The band started as a grindcore outfit in 1997, before venturing into black metal and finally settling down in the death/doom neighbourhood.

Now, the real question here is; does the title hold? Does the music here create a “primitive death trance”? I guess the short answer is “no, it does not”. What it does is create a fine album that has most of what you are probably looking for when it comes to death/doom, without creating that feeling of complete and utter darkness you should feel while listening to it.

There’s no feeling of a pulling from the abyss in this release. There is no darkness. No Satanic Panic. Just one more death/doom mini album destined to be forgotten.

december 18 – enslaved

I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of their more recent work, so it surprised me how well I took to E. Enslaved finally made an album just for me and for that I am very thankful! Proggier than Frost, more atmospheric than Eld. Job well done!

december 15: taphos nomos + urðun

Yeah, I know, I forgot to post anything yesterday so today it’s a 2in1 deal! Taphos Nomos & Urðun.

I read on the Interwebz today that Icelandic Black Metal is overrated. Apparently all the bands sound the same. Yeah, I mean, I can understand people saying that. In a way. I mean, Svartidauði, Auðn, Wormlust and Misþyrming… It’s a slam dunk!

It’s a good thing, then, that this year is The Year of Death Metal. I heard that on the Interwebz. And, to represent Iceland is Urðun with foul and rotting old fashioned death metal!