alhim, mal akhim

I like this demo and I cannot lie! It is exceptionally fly!

This debut demo, from a pretty unknown Swedish black metal band Malakhim, got me interested in demos again and made it clear that simple in 2017 does not mean lo-fi all of the time.

the people under the church

We are on a supersonic journey, now in retrovision! A “Supernatural Punishment” is in store for anyone who disses old school Swedish death metal.

This album. It thrills, chills and kills with precision guitar shreds only Swedish death metal is capable of.

No corpsepaint, no spikes, no chains and no black flags. Just buzzsaw guitars and death metal growls!

ian, the nightside eclipse.

A new day means another band on the xmas calendar! Today: Almyrkvi.

The band blew us away some time ago with that glorious EP you all remember, and now it is time for the full treatment!

Glorious and dark metal. Full length. Full effect.

it’s almost the end of the year as we know it…

…and everyone has their top ten, twenty or fifty list ready. I don’t, though. I am just going to wing it as I go along. 24 days, one release at a time. After that? Who knows! Maybe more posts. Maybe silence.

First up is Iceland’s Auðn. Get used to “Iceland’s”, btw, you will be seeing a lot of it in the next weeks.

Anyway… Auðn’s second album, Farvegir fyrndar, is the band’s first for the French label Season of Mist. The band has matured, the music’s better and so has the production. Years and some label money usually has that effect.

It’s still chest thumping black metal, like on the first album, and it still has very little in common with the majority of the Icelandic black metal scene, just like the first album.

Auðn aims more for atmosphere instead of complexity, and does so very well. And although there are fewer “just like Bathory!” moments on this album, the feeling good ol’ Quorthon fired up in us is still here. I’m giving this a strong eight, eight and half heavy metal hunter.

live report: belphegor, enthroned, svart crown & nervochaos at pumpehuset


Last Thursday it was time to make the trek once again to Pumpehuset, this time to see Belphegor, Enthroned, Svart Crown and Nervochaos.

Due to a traffic jam I arrived later than I had hoped and only caught the last few seconds of Nervochaos’ set. Svart Crown became my introduction to last night’s festivities and by the way the band was performing things were looking good. The band delivered a solid show, managing that fine line of band / audience interaction pretty well.

After Svart Crown it was time for Enthroned to show us the way of the old school Belgian black metal. Now, I wasn’t a big Enthroned fan back in the days of Blackend compilation albums, but I enjoyed the last two albums pretty well so I was looking forward to seeing the band this time in Copenhagen. I have to say, though, that this was one of the most “meh” performances I’ve seen from a black metal band in a long time. I don’t know what was off, why we just weren’t clicking, but as I looked over the venue it was obvious that my opinion was not shared by most. Where I saw cliches others saw the opportunity to bang their heads towards the Skullthrone of Satan. Was it because of the Jesus Christ Pose?, the Baphomet pose or the Satanic priest pose? I don’t really know, all I know is it’s didn’t click.

However, me and Belphegor, we clicked. We clicked good. Fingerlicking good, even. The playing was tight and not a fault to be found. The band played quite a few numbers from the new album, Totenritual, as well as some golden oldies and Helmuth’s witch-like ramblings in between songs were highly enjoyable.

All in all a pretty enjoyable show, even though I missed Nervochaos completely and Enthroned just didn’t do anything for me.

immolation are playing mörkaste smaland in a few days…

…but unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Sad face emoji. Yeah, it’s a bummer, as the Immolation guys are some of the coolest guys in a band I have met (at Eistnaflug 2015).

In the meantime, check out this interview from Impact that’s less than a week fresh or catch the band on the few remaining dates of the current European tour with Melechesh abd Azarath.