review: grave spirit – the beast unburdened by flesh


Grave SpiritThe Beast Unburdened by Flesh. Iron Bonehead Productions.
Release date: 9 February 2018.

Seven inches were made for music like this. Short and sweet for rude and crude music. I love these two songs but I’m not sure my love last through a full length.

Primitive black witching metal. At times almost evoking the primordial magic Ildjarn possessed and the primeval death metal of the old Singapore scene ala Itnos.

With The Beast Unburdened by Flesh Grave Spirit offers you a nice alternative to the old gods. It might not be legendary but it is good enough to rest the old ones for a bit and try something “new”.

review: vardan – nostalgia part iv


VardanNostalgia: Archive of Failure part IV. Moribund Records.
Release date: 26 january 2018.

Whenever some band is described as being groundbreaking it peaks my interest. However, when I then go and check out the band’s discography and see that in the last couple of years said band has released more than a handful of full lengths my expectations are instantly lowered.

And rightly so! This. Is. Not. Groundbreaking.

This is rather mundane DSBM in the vein of Burzum and Forgotten Woods, and the only batch of people that might call this original and groundbreaking are people that have either never heard of the previously mentioned bands or choose ignorance over enlightenment. It’s not badly done, it’s just not that good.

december 19: slægt

Denmark’s Slægt! What to say? I haven’t heard black metal this good from Denmark in a while. Not since Denial of God released Death and the Beyond. Domus Mysterium, which Ván Records released half a year ago, is one of this year’s best black n’ roll albums.