december 9: grit teeth

Faster than a speeding bullet, shorter than a Deicide album. Twice as hard, though it might need more than one round with Legion.

You could call this crust punk, metallic hardcore or even powerviolence. Call it whatever you want, Let it Be might be the most ferocius album to come from Iceland this year.

december 8: katla

As I said in the first post Icelandic releases might dominate my list for noteworthy releases in 2017, and it’s true. I spent most of the year listening to domestic releases, loving most of those I heard.

Today it’s time for the debut album of Katla, Móðurástin. A relatively unknown band comprised of members, ex-members in some cases, of Sólstafir, Potentiam, Hólókaust 2001 and Fortíð. As might be expected the album is all over the place, so you can’t call it black metal, you can’t call it gothic metal and you certainly can’t call it death metal.

Prophecy Productions

December 7: double trouble

I forgot to post something yesterday so today I will post two releases instead. Two releases that in reek of the old Greek black metal spirit. Disharmony and Cult of Eibon. Both out through Iron Bonehead Productions this year.