nordanpaunk 2018, part 2

I just realized that it has almost been a month since I did part one of the Norðanpaunk review therefore I am long overdue on finishing my short essay on how it was attending this magnificent event.

So, let us start this piece by talking about how I began day number two. I began the day rather early by driving over to Hvammstangi, got myself something to eat and snapped some pics of interesting things there (see below), before heading back to Laugarbakki to see Last King of Poland.


I didn’t see Last King of Poland, I gave up after five to ten minutes of “perhaps it’s this plug”. Sorry, sometimes these things annoy me and that just happened there, as unprofessional as it was. I returned to the car and read Myrkfælni (an Icelandic magazine that focuses on underground culture) until it was time for Devine Defilement to get on stage.

Devine Defilement delivered a very good set. If I’m not mistaken this was the only purely death metal band on the bill and represented the genre really well. One of the strongest set I have seen from that band.

And now for something completely different… The Post-Performance Blues Band. Not a band. Not a blues band. Performance, yes. Three women doing exercises with a playback on screen behind them. For the most part it went well and the very small moments that could be called “flaws” did not affect my experience, but in fact enhanced it. Gave it a bit more authenticity, if you will, and showed that at Norðanpaunk there’s a place for (almost) everything.

Heift were next up. The line up there was Ingó from Severed, Aðalsteinn from Auðn and Matti and Kolbeinn from Lucy in Blue. It worked well at the small hallway stage and those twelve minutes of intense black metal flew by. You really lost yourself there.

Golden Core on the main stage. Two teens with a very fat sound. Very good, but sounds like they have yet to find their own style. Really good and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future. Just don’t end up like The Boys!!!

I took a bit of a hiatus after that and only returned when Skoffín were playing. I found myself a chair to stand on and watched as people moshed to what I can only call the bastard child of Stuðmenn and íslenska krúttkynslóðin. It was glorious!

After Skoffín it was time for Morpholith to let their light shine. I will go as far to say that this is the strongest doom metal band Iceland has right now. Some might argue that this is the only doom metal band has right now, but don’t let such nonsense deter you from checking them out!

Nöll IQ!!! One of this year’s biggest surprises for me! Excellent Swedish fastcore that pretty much killed it at the hallway stage! Good music and excellent stage banter that created a good connection between band and crowd. That always goes a long way!

Nvll was next up. Icelandic black metal focused on almenn bugun if I remember correctly, dressed in white like patients at mental health clinics (aka insane asylums). Decent enough set with a good frontman!


I finished the day off with more Icelandic black metal, Naðra possessed the main stage just after midnight and delivered a really strong set. They even threw in a Hellhammer cover for good measure. Good shit.

Third and last installment coming next week!