implore and vallenfyre viewed and reviewed, next up belphegor and co

Last night I made the long journey from Sweden to Denmark to witness to the glory that Implore and Vallenfyre delivered at Pumpehuset.

It was pretty quiet when I arrived, just as Implore were starting. The attendance was pretty low throughout the evening, it being Wednesday and all, but both bands delivered a good show nonetheless, so much so that felt more like the first date on tour rather then the last.

Implore. The unknown child of Entombed and Repulsion? An over simplification? Could be, the band is all over the place musicwise and trying to lump them in any one genre is impossible. They did their shit well, were really tight and looked like they were having a very good time on stage.

When Vallenfyre came on stage the beer was flowing and the stage covered in smoke. Whereas Implored captured the audience with it’s grinding speed, Vallenfyre floored everyone with the insane heavyness delivered. The band delivered both in music and banter, giving the people no rest, but still a few handy tips on where to, or not to, wine and dine in Copenhagen.

So, what next? I don’t know about you but I am going to see Belphegor, Svart Crown, Enthroned and NervoChaos in a week. I think that’s going to be a Thursday well spent!

Author: Andfari