ivar bjornson & einar selvik’s skuggsja – skuggsja

skuggsjá / mynd: ester segarra
skuggsjá / mynd: ester segarra

Samkvæmt Einari Selvik, sem ásamt Ivar Bjornson, skipar Skuggsjá, krefst lagið “Skuggsjá” mikils af hlustandanum.

“The song ‘Skuggsjá’ or ‘The Mirror’ summons the listener to reflect. To ask, look and listen through the eyes and ears of past and present, as individuals first then as people. It´s about how we often timber our collective history on grounds shaped by religious or political agenda rather than reality and how that affects the solidness of its structure.”

“Skuggsjá” er titillag fyrstu breiðskífu hljómsveitarinnar, en platan sú kemur út ellefta apríl á vegum Season of Mist.

Sjá einnig: Skuggsjá – Kvervandi

Sjá einnig: Skuggsjá – Vitkispá

Author: Andfari