marketing 101 in black metal

Create music. Music must sound necro or kvlt.
Release it online with promise of cassette edition to be released.
Put a photo of you or another guy in mundane settings on the cover.
Watch people tear this apart with more ferocity than Blake Judd’s 2nd comeback.

Result: Many online views.

Somebody get me high tonight!
– Danny Lilker at Dynamo ’99

the preparation for the vallenfyre / implore gig continues

As I have already familiarized myself with Vallenfyre it’s time to check out Implore, the other band playing tomorrow night in Copenhagen.

Fast and furious, blackened deathcrust, the kinda band I think would go well with Iceland’s very own masters of brutality, Une Misere!

Although this international band is only five years old a handful of releases are already out there and in a few days their second album (first for Century Media) will be released.

Celebrate this by checking out this unpacking video CM just uploaded of the band describing the vinyl of “Subjugate”. Was it a good move of them to include a cd with the lp? Should they have included a digital code instead? Does anyone listen to cds in their cars any longer or are we Bluetooth exclusively?

tickets secured for vallenfyre gig

It is time to celebrate! In two days Andfari will be seeing the glorious Vallenfyre at Copenhagen’s Pumpehuset.

Joining them that night will be their Century Media labelmates Implore. It’s a band I am unfamiliar with but I have two days to get my shit together.

new music: apologoethia, mork and moonspell

A lot has happened today, Mork and Moonspell released new tracks from their upcoming albums, and Killtown Bookings announced Slaegt as the support for the january 18th gig of Execration and Reptilian in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen. I am excited.

However, what I am most excited about today is this new track by Invictus published by Apologoethia. A band I had not heard about before today. It is killer Irish death metal, might even be the best one I have heard yet from those shores. The band’s debut album, which I guess will be self-titled, should be out by the end of november Through Invictus.

naðra confirmed for next year’s inferno

Norway’s Inferno Metal Festival announced three additions to next year’s line up today.

The Swedish death metal machine Grave, the Dutch avantgarde black metal maestros Dodecahedron and last, but not least, Iceland’s brightest black metal star, Naðra.

Which means the number of Icelandic bands announced is up to two, with Auðn already having been announced.

Can the Inferno crew beat last year’s number? Do they want to? Only time will tell.

the funeral of myrkur and chelsea wolfe

The band / project / person so many seem to hate. Denmark’s very own daughter of darkness.

Myrkur’s second album is out in a few days through Relapse and here we have a very nice preview.

Oh, and if you are in Copenhagen in december you can catch Myrkur with Sólstafir and Árstíðir at Pumpethuset. Good times.