live report: belphegor, enthroned, svart crown & nervochaos at pumpehuset


Last Thursday it was time to make the trek once again to Pumpehuset, this time to see Belphegor, Enthroned, Svart Crown and Nervochaos.

Due to a traffic jam I arrived later than I had hoped and only caught the last few seconds of Nervochaos’ set. Svart Crown became my introduction to last night’s festivities and by the way the band was performing things were looking good. The band delivered a solid show, managing that fine line of band / audience interaction pretty well.

After Svart Crown it was time for Enthroned to show us the way of the old school Belgian black metal. Now, I wasn’t a big Enthroned fan back in the days of Blackend compilation albums, but I enjoyed the last two albums pretty well so I was looking forward to seeing the band this time in Copenhagen. I have to say, though, that this was one of the most “meh” performances I’ve seen from a black metal band in a long time. I don’t know what was off, why we just weren’t clicking, but as I looked over the venue it was obvious that my opinion was not shared by most. Where I saw cliches others saw the opportunity to bang their heads towards the Skullthrone of Satan. Was it because of the Jesus Christ Pose?, the Baphomet pose or the Satanic priest pose? I don’t really know, all I know is it’s didn’t click.

However, me and Belphegor, we clicked. We clicked good. Fingerlicking good, even. The playing was tight and not a fault to be found. The band played quite a few numbers from the new album, Totenritual, as well as some golden oldies and Helmuth’s witch-like ramblings in between songs were highly enjoyable.

All in all a pretty enjoyable show, even though I missed Nervochaos completely and Enthroned just didn’t do anything for me.

immolation are playing mörkaste smaland in a few days…

…but unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Sad face emoji. Yeah, it’s a bummer, as the Immolation guys are some of the coolest guys in a band I have met (at Eistnaflug 2015).

In the meantime, check out this interview from Impact that’s less than a week fresh or catch the band on the few remaining dates of the current European tour with Melechesh abd Azarath.

implore and vallenfyre viewed and reviewed, next up belphegor and co

Last night I made the long journey from Sweden to Denmark to witness to the glory that Implore and Vallenfyre delivered at Pumpehuset.

It was pretty quiet when I arrived, just as Implore were starting. The attendance was pretty low throughout the evening, it being Wednesday and all, but both bands delivered a good show nonetheless, so much so that felt more like the first date on tour rather then the last.

Implore. The unknown child of Entombed and Repulsion? An over simplification? Could be, the band is all over the place musicwise and trying to lump them in any one genre is impossible. They did their shit well, were really tight and looked like they were having a very good time on stage.

When Vallenfyre came on stage the beer was flowing and the stage covered in smoke. Whereas Implored captured the audience with it’s grinding speed, Vallenfyre floored everyone with the insane heavyness delivered. The band delivered both in music and banter, giving the people no rest, but still a few handy tips on where to, or not to, wine and dine in Copenhagen.

So, what next? I don’t know about you but I am going to see Belphegor, Svart Crown, Enthroned and NervoChaos in a week. I think that’s going to be a Thursday well spent!

marketing 101 in black metal

Create music. Music must sound necro or kvlt.
Release it online with promise of cassette edition to be released.
Put a photo of you or another guy in mundane settings on the cover.
Watch people tear this apart with more ferocity than Blake Judd’s 2nd comeback.

Result: Many online views.

Somebody get me high tonight!
– Danny Lilker at Dynamo ’99

the preparation for the vallenfyre / implore gig continues

As I have already familiarized myself with Vallenfyre it’s time to check out Implore, the other band playing tomorrow night in Copenhagen.

Fast and furious, blackened deathcrust, the kinda band I think would go well with Iceland’s very own masters of brutality, Une Misere!

Although this international band is only five years old a handful of releases are already out there and in a few days their second album (first for Century Media) will be released.

Celebrate this by checking out this unpacking video CM just uploaded of the band describing the vinyl of “Subjugate”. Was it a good move of them to include a cd with the lp? Should they have included a digital code instead? Does anyone listen to cds in their cars any longer or are we Bluetooth exclusively?

tickets secured for vallenfyre gig

It is time to celebrate! In two days Andfari will be seeing the glorious Vallenfyre at Copenhagen’s Pumpehuset.

Joining them that night will be their Century Media labelmates Implore. It’s a band I am unfamiliar with but I have two days to get my shit together.